April 28, 2011

Day 8 ~ April 28

It was raining today, and yet I saw the most impeccable outfit. Knee-length trench flopping lightly open, a navy cashmere sweater, a light gray scarf knotted around the neck, tailored black jeans, and the most glorious pair of (what had to be) Italian pointy, patent black shoes.  It was on a man... {order the book Bonjour40 in October to read the full text...}


Anonymous said...

My take in it is that most of us guys in America tend to go for less expensive things that we're not sad to throw out when they wear out. In Europe, people buy fewer clothes that are better quality and of course, more expensive. It forces you to think about your wardrobe since you have to make each piece multi-task to mix & match. Also, black & gray go with anything.

Anonymous said...

As I'm sire you are discovering, in France (and Europe in general) it is ALL about the shoes. They judge you on them. Look down first, then you'll know who you are dealing with.... See you soon!