April 26, 2011

Day 6 ~ April 26 ~ Arrival


Anonymous said...

It's not 72 degrees, it's 22!
Jet lag? Get on local time immediately...stay awake until what your normal bedtime would be. It will only last a couple of days.

Bruce said...

Jet lag is not a problem in the home of French cuisine. Eat…not when your stomach says, but when the clock says. The midnight snacks are unavoidable the first couple of nights, but partake in the major meals on French time. BON APPETITE!

Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed you last week, but we're glad you made it safe and easily!
You're wise to get to know your neighborhood, because everything you need is within walking distance if you figure out where to go. Avoid the tourist areas and take in the atmosphere. Ask for a weekly Pariscope magazine for 40 cents at the corner magazine/paper vendor to know what's happening.
Do head up Boulevard Diderot past the Gare de Lyon till you get to Avenue Daumesnil. There you'll find a park that runs the length of an eleveated ex-metro line with shops & cafes below, under the arches. A hidden treaure that most tourists don't know about. :-) Then continue for a few blocks up Diderot and have the chevre chaud, the souris d'agneau and the Charlotte aux framboises at the Cafe Phil O'Sophe at the corner of Diderot and Chaligny, on the right. Metro Reuilly-Diderot or a 2 km walk from chez toi.
As for your French, as long as you make an effort and say bonjour, madame/monsieur right away, you'll be fine. :-)
Bon courage!
Mark & Karen