November 29, 2011

Paris for the Holidays

While I'd love to say I'm heading to Paris for the holidays, alas I am not. Many of you who read this original blog have written, or even stopped me in the street, to tell me how much you loved coming along with me to Paris. In case I haven't seen you, the blog is now a book - with twice the content of my original blog. And that book, Bonjour 40, is on sale for the holidays.

Skip over to my new author website, and there you will find the book. You'll also find a new blog from me. Every Friday I add a tidbit about writing, design or photography on my blog, Compositions. The entries are even shorter than my Bonjour40 posts at only 250 words max. Hopefully you'll find them just as inspiring, funny and engaging.

I thank you so much for following the original Bonjour40 blog. Paris simply would not have been the same without you. See you on my author site and happy holidays. Joyeux Noël.

- Karen