May 11, 2011

Day 21 ~ May 11


Anonymous said...

Mystery solved: Eau de toilette. Before becoming attached to the more unmentionable things that happen in the restroom, the word "toilette" simply referred to the place where people get ready for the day (faire sa toilette), doing things like washing, brushing, trimming nails, and of course, putting on cologne.
So eau de toilette is simply French for cologne, basically watered-down perfume.
No homework today. Cadeau!

Brian Thomson said...

Hi Karen. I picked up your card at Capt Buzzies this morning. It was pretty. I liked the design and was intriqued. Then I find out you're a designer too. Sounds like you're on a great adventure. If only done this at least once on my four trips into Smalltown America. Good idea. I look forward to future postings. :-) Brian

Karen A. Chase said...

Yay, Capt. B's! That's my coffee shop - I"m a Church Hillian, too. Glad you've come along for the ride!

Thanks, Mark for the French lesson. You're a great teacher.

telva said...

Leave it to a Chase to go straight to the toilette! :-)
Enjoying your daily blogs, Sister.
I can't believe you've been gone 21 days already.

Karen A. Chase said...

We are at the half-way mark here. Though, thankfully, it is not flying by. I'm languishing in each day. Keep on reading - glad everyone is coming along for the ride.

Anonymous said...

This would make an amazing watercolor. So how many times a day do objects make you think of others at home?

You do know I am living through you with each blog. Keep the details coming. Miss you bunches.